Rani's Prayers

Rani Maria's prayers from her personal diary

Let us Pray

           Lord, make us realize that poverty is the special means of salvation and the root of perfection. As we are specially called to follow the poor, humble and crucified Jesus closely, give us the grace to love poverty. Help us to be satisfied with what we have, and not to be anxious about what we do not have, and thus to grow in the real spirit of poverty. Amen




        Create in us a heart burning with love for you, so that we may glorify you and obtain the salvation of souls and our own sanctification, which is the goal of our consecrated life. Help us to experience your divine providence in each stage of our lives and to be grateful for the showers of blessings, which you are showering upon us. We make this prayer through the intercession of your beloved son, St. Francis of Assisi, to Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live and reign forever and ever. Amen




            Lord, pardon my weakness. Help me to remove the weakness of my heart and prepare it as a dwelling place fit for Your Word. Enable us to see the Word of God in those who are around us and help us to meditate always on your Word and radiate it to others through our deeds so that we may lead a fruitful life by helping and loving each other, and we may help everybody to grow and be rooted in the Word of God and live it always....




           Lord Jesus Christ, I accept You as my personal Saviour. I want to be fully freed from the dominion of satan, from my selfishness, self-centeredness and anything that is not from You. I invite You to be the Lord of my life and the undisputed master of all that I am, I have and I do. I promise to honour You, to obey You and to be faithful to You until my death. I welcome the rule of You Spirit and promise to be attentive to His promotings everyday of my life. (Gal. 5:25) I want to be filled with Your spirit and sing Your praise forever. (Eph. 5. 18:20) (Add personal prayers if any) Jesus my Lors, I ask You in faith to baptize me in the Holy Spirit. Give me the spiritual gifts You want me to have for the building up of Your Body and for the glory of the Father. I surrender to you my tongue, which though small can boast great power (James 3:5) while asking for the gift of tongues, so that my spirit will ever pray with your spirit. Thank you Jesus. Amen.  



Last Prayer

O Lord, my God, who have created me to your own image and likeness, grant us this grace which you have shown to be great and so necessary to salvation.

Grant O loving Jesus, that I may seek only to please you in all things and that detached for all things. We may unite ourselves to your love.