Proclamation of the Gospel

    Sr. Rani Maria was first and foremost an evangelizer. She knew that there were crores of people in North India who had not heard about Jesus Christ. It was this knowledge that led her to the missions of the North India. The life and works of Sr. Rani Maria was based on the Gospel values. Before starting off any journey, beginning a project or responding to any issues, it was her habit to read and meditate the Gospels. She often called her collaborators together in the chapel to read and pray the Bible. The verse that she chose before she went on to her final journey before her death was the following: "I have carved your name in the palm of my hands" (Is.49/16). Reading this Sr. Rani Maria said happily, "I am in the hands of the Lord and I have nothing to fear." Bishop Abraham Mattom recollects: "Sr. Rani Maria was convinced that an evangelizer should be interested in the life of the poor to give them Christ, his love, and his redeeming message, thereby helping them to attain spiritual growth and material welfare."

    Again, it was her custom to begin her activities in the villages by singing a bhajan, which would be followed by a reading from the Gospel and then a prayer based on the Gospel of the day. She was very innovative in proclaiming the Gospel. She dramatically presented the parable of the "Prodigal Son', 'Good Samaritan' and the 'Samaritan Woman' with the help of the puppet show. She shared with others the message of Christ by means of devotional hymns, bhajans and so on. Sr. Lisa Rose testifies about her works of evangelization: “'you received everything freely and now you give freely'- this was a way of life for Sr. Rani Maria. Often she broke the Word of God with others. At times, after house visits of the villagers she looked sad. When asked for the reason she would say that she could not give the message of Jesus to any one on that day. In her missionary works she took great care to take along with her the Holy Bible and other books dealing with the lives of the saints. She distributed them to the persons she met in the villages. Thus her life was firmly Gospel based. In her efforts to evangelize she showed the courage of a prophet." Sr. Marianna evaluates: "Sr. Rani Maria had a special enthusiasm to call on the name of Jesus and pray among the non-Christians. She encouraged all to proclaim the name of Jesus courageously everywhere."

    At the same time evangelization for her was not a forced conversion. Majority of her collaborators, friends and beneficiaries were non-Christians. She never showed any sign of intolerance to the followers of other religions. She never kept them at a distance nor was she partial. Even when she spoke zealously about Christ, the non-Christians respected her and she loved them. Of the 12000 people who took part in her funeral service the majority was consisted of non-Christians.